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Start Living a Life Beyond Your Default
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Start Living a Life Beyond Your Default
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Start Living a Life Beyond Your Default
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Yes, There Is More to Life Than “This”

You deserve more than a life unlived. Say goodbye to the status quo.

Welcome to Living Beyond Your Default. 

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What Is Beyond Your Default?

“Everyone keeps telling me I should be happy, but I’m not.” “I feel stuck.” “I have a calling, but where do I start?” 

Right now, you have a choice. You can continue living within your default norms, playing it safe, clocking in and clocking out every day, scraping by to hopefully achieve what’s supposed to make you happy. Or you can choose to accept the challenge of living beyond your default. To stop wishing to live your “best life” and start actually living your best life. Success leaves clues. And they’re waiting for you to discover them.

Take Your First Step

We’ve Been Waiting for You

You’re Ready for Your Breakthrough

You’re built for more and you’re hungry for more. You’ve tried to play by the rules and live up to the “status quo” that was supposed to make you happy. Now, you’re ready for a change to chart your own path, and you need a guide who’s been there.

You're at a Fork in the Road

There are pivotal moments in life when you must make a choice. Sometimes we know they're coming (going to college, starting a new business), and sometimes we don't (a divorce, an unexpected blessing or loss). You're ready to bet on yourself. It's time.

You Were Born a High-Achiever

Here’s something that no one tells you about what it’s like close to the mountaintop — the oxygen is thinner and it’s lonely. Heck, sometimes you still feel like an imposter. But you know you have more to accomplish. Now, you don’t have to do it alone. 

I just listened to the Forgiveness Part Two episode. Wow! Great job. I felt like I was listening to old friends have a long cup of coffee and wanted to engage. Seriously, George and Liz, you are creating a great resource. More importantly, it was a wonderful topic, emotionally engaging, and very needed.
Chris McAlpin
Chris McAlpin
Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Beyond Your Default' is a masterclass in becoming a better human. It’s like grabbing coffee with some good friends and getting into the “good stuff.” This kind of down-to-earth conversation makes you walk away, seeing life from a fresh, elevated angle. I love how George & Liz ditch the superficial inspirational platitudes and share their stories with raw and bleeding honesty, inviting you to take action on the things that matter most… getting 1% better everyday. Trust me, your commute, workout, or evening walk will never be the same again!"
Timm McLagan
Timm McLagan
Senior Coach - Evolve Leadership
I love that George and Liz are leaning into their own experiences to bring to life their unique stories that resonate as powerful narratives that catalyze personal and professional growth. The Beyond Your Default Podcast unveils the transformative power of developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence to confront challenges and embrace conflict to drive change and cultivate a growth mindset. This podcast is valuable for anyone seeking positive change and personal and professional growth.
Walter Pollard
Walter Pollard
Founder and CEO of Brand Fuzion

Start Your Journey Here.

If this is only the beginning of your journey Beyond Your Default, we are excited to welcome you with four hand-picked episodes that will help you get started.

4 min read

Why Is Imposter Syndrome So Common + What Can We Do About It? (Episode 36)

Sigh. We're back with yet another episode that makes me feel wildly uncomfortable ... which, of course, means it's the...
4 min read

Being Present: What It Is, Why It Matters, + How to Make It Easier (Episode 35)

“Western civilization places so much emphasis on the idea of hope that we sacrifice the present moment. Hope cannot...
4 min read

Finding Happiness in Times of Hopelessness (Episode 34)

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are...
4 min read

Accepting, Navigating, + Celebrating the Seasons of Life (Episode 33)

“If you feel stuck, move. You're not a tree.” ― Germany Kent George has always been radically honest in these episodes...
3 min read

The Freedom + Power of Letting Go (Episode 32)

“Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive.” – Bryant H. McGill One of the most liberating,...
4 min read

Why the Small Things in Life Matter + How to (RE)Prioritize Them (Episode 31)

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh One of George's favorite...

Meet Your Beyond Your Default Guides

George B Thomas - Beyond Your Default-optimized

George B. Thomas

It would be easy for me to default to my usual list of “hats” I wear — business owner, family man, husband, father, and a man of faith. All of those things are true, and I embrace these labels with an immense amount of pride. But let’s be honest, you don’t care about all that stuff. None of it tells you who I really am.

Throughout my life, I’ve lived in every possible economic circumstance you can imagine. I started out as a kid who rode a pony to a one-room schoolhouse. I’ve gone from being a bouncer at a bar to a church youth pastor. I’ve been on food stamps and welfare. Today, I’m a keynote speaker and business owner who has been blessed to have traveled much of the world. 

Although it certainly wasn’t always true, I stand before you today a man who is grateful for each of these experiences — from challenging and painful, to inspiring and uplifting. Because of them, I am able to serve you through thought-provoking conversations that empower you to live the life that is waiting for you. The one that exists beyond your default.

Liz Morehead - Beyond Your Default-Fixed-Optimized

Liz Moorehead

Life has a funny way of subverting our expectations — out-of-leftfield zigs when we expect more neat-and-tidy zags perpetually remind us how terrible we are at predicting the future. Still, I cannot think of a single life “zig” I would take back; even the most painful moments have been blessings in disguise.

Like George, I could phone this section in with a boilerplate bio — business owner, writer, speaker, etc. — but that is not my true story. I’ve spent most of my life feeling like a disappointment, forever an “other” on the outside, failing to meet expectations and never quite belonging anywhere. 

It took my “perfect-on-paper” life catastrophically imploding to wake me up to a horrifying fact. Out of fear, I had meticulously constructed a “dream” life that would only ever make me feel empty, alone, and miserable. So, my mission now is to use my gifts to be a catalyst for catalysts — like George and like you. You have so much to offer this world. Are you ready to reach beyond your default and redefine what’s possible?

Don’t Walk This Path Alone

Join our global Beyond Your Default community of supportive individuals ready to help you succeed as you redefine and reach for what’s possible.

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Access to community-only tools, worksheets, checklists, and other actionable resources to help you break through your own ceilings.

Beyond Your Default - Community


Enjoy interviews, book clubs, thought-provoking conversations, and other community-only perks when you join your Beyond Your Default tribe.

Beyond Your Default - Conversations


You’re not alone! Share your ideas, celebrate your wins, and ask questions with a diverse community of folks on their own Beyond Your Default journey.

Beyond Your Default - Support


Choosing a life Beyond Your Default is exciting, but it’s not always easy. Your community is always here whenever you need help or a friendly ear.